FASHION FROM ABROAD: Leather My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

As CollegeFashionista has previously pointed out, Fashionistas are getting more and more daring with their style, soaking in the metropolitan areas around them to inspire their day-to-day looks. I'm a huge fan of a person that can mix and match certain trends to come up with one of their own that isn't only unique, but fits well together and encourages others to try something new as well. I especially like those looks when they're inspired by bits and pieces of the cities they come from.

The more I learn about Spanish fashion, the more I love it here. People watching is fascinating because there's not just one “look” that can be pinpointed as being quintessentially Spanish. Leopard print scarves and leather boots are most certainly ubiquitous; but there's a breathtaking air that Spanish women give off and I can't quite put my finger on it. And don't even get me started on the guys — they're equally as fashionable and I love it! If you sit on any bench on a busy sidewalk for more than two minutes, you will be overwhelmed by all the beautiful people walking by and how well they're dressed.

I passed this Fashionista on my way to see a movie and I was struck by her leather jacket and the adorable dress underneath it. She has a certain amount of toughness in her outfit mixed with a little bit of lace and a bird pattern fluttering about. The lacey collar on her dress adds class to the whole thing; this Fashionista topped everything off with cute black booties and a ring. Just another example of how simplicity can make for a great outfit!

If you're looking for a good investment, Zara usually has really good leather jackets like this one. Buying a leather jacket can be a pretty hefty sum to pay, but if there's one thing that my father taught me about shopping (shocking considering he hates shopping), it's that good and genuine leather has no price.

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