I have always been a sucker for a Fashionista who seems to magically throw together an outfit comprised of different styles, prints and textures. She walks by and I instantly think to myself, “Damn, she looks good!” Pulling off a look like this is crucial during the cold months in Europe because layering is already essential to your survival. Taking a second to mix and match pieces you wouldn’t normally pair together can result in an awesome, and warm, look.

Take note from this Fashionista I found in Rome at the Trevi Fountain. Yes, the real Trevi Fountain. She is wearing an oversized plaid sweater from the men’s section of Zara, with a cordorouy and fur jacket from a boutique in Florence. The pea green color looks luxurious and chic with the beige fur and chunky sweater underneath. She pairs this with simple black leggings and studded chocolate brown moccasin booties. Her orange leather Michael Kohrs bag gives the outfit another element of texture, color and surprise. I absolutely love the way this Fashionista matches different fabrics and styles; her eclectic mix of suede bohemian shoes, knit grandpa sweater and cordoroy jacket come together cohesively.

Hint: While mixing different patterns and styles from your closet can be difficult, it is a great way to experiment with your wardrobe if done right. Make sure there is at least some consistency between themes of the pieces, you don’t want to look like a jumbled mess! And if you want to try mixing and matching but do not want to be as bold as this Fashionista, experiment with more subtle prints and styles that do not compete with each other.


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