Heels have gone in and out of fashion since the 1500s. During the 16th century, European royalty such as Catherine de Medici or Mary I of England wore high heels to make them look taller, and by 1580 men were wearing them too. Although I wouldn’t say this high heeled trend has made it back into men’s fashion yet, these Fashionisto’s have made androgyny work for them, platformed or heeled. The Fashionisto dressed in all black wears an outfit I can see many Fashionista’s wearing (by the way did I mention I want his shoes?). Menswear for women has seen steady growth for a while now with online shops like La Garçonne and Pixie Market becoming more popular, and don’t forget the advent of “man repelling.” Now seeing women wearing blazers and collared button ups with bow ties and tailored pants with oxfords, i.e. The Row’s Resort and Paul Smith’s Spring 2011collections, is becoming normal again (and thank God now I can stop reassuring my mother that I’m okay). But try to pull this trick on menswear and the effect is not so glamourous – would you want to see your older brother out and about in a cocktail dress and heels? Of course putting womenswear into menswear wouldn’t work that way, at least not today, just remember the reactions when Coco Chanel borrowed from the boys. These Fashionisto’s could be on to something.

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