FASHION FROM ABROAD: Mixing Darks With Lights

Black is always a great go-to color, regardless of the season. It is easily complemented and tends to flatter most body shapes. I love how this Fashionista is wearing a long black skirt, with a black fur vest and long-sleeved shirt. The all-black look is quite chic, no matter where you choose to wear it. While she is clad head to toe in black garments, I love how she added color and individuality in her accessories. Her scarf gives a very European feel to the look; it is made exclusively in Amsterdam by designer Nicolette Brunklaus. The light pastels of the silk drape around her neck elegantly, and the scarf is nicely complemented by the tone of her unique bag. The red lipstick finishes the look, tying the lighter and darker tones together. 

Although her boots aren't a part of the all-black ensemble, they are a key piece to her look. The lace up booties are an essential piece for the weather. Walking around the city, I've seen tons of Fashionista's rocking these boots, so I had to grab a pair. Perfect for the cold weather, these boots keep your feet warm and your look savvy despite the low temperatures. They are a perfect investment for the next few months of cold!

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