As springtime is upon us, it is the common conception that we should immediately toss our winter accessories into the dark corners of our closets and replace them with sundresses and sandals. If you are like me, however, you have a hard time letting go, because you have grown overly attached to your cold weather add ons. You paired them with every outfit, loved the feeling of the extra warmth, and simply like the way they look on. This season try to adjust more gradually, incorporating and mixing winter pieces with springtime ones to create a balance that is just right for your aesthetic, and the climate as well.

This Fashionista epitomizes how to do this flawlessly with her eternity scarf and wool headband paired with a vintage frock, leggings, and wooden wedges. To re-create this look, try a scarf like this one from Urban Outfitters. Pair it with a headband like this from ASOS and a printed top like this one from Anthropologie. Get a basic pair of leggings from trusty American Apparel and throw on some wedges by Jeffrey Campbell and you're good to go.

Hint: If an eternity scarf and headband are too bulky for the temperature, try lighter accessories that won't drag you down. If you are sick of black and darker winter colors, spruce up your look by adding extras that are colorful and bright. I love this soft washed wool scarf from J.Crew.

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