One of the very first things I noticed that was blatantly obvious about Parisian street style wasn’t that everyone dresses très chic. (That was expected.) Instead it was the men. The city streets are overflowing with well dressed guys and some even look better than the women. Perhaps it’s the unlimited access to fine art, music and culture or the high quality standards of Paris’ fashion history that provide inspiration for these guys in the morning. Whatever the case may be, men’s street wear is not lacking in the style category and I found this insight to be very refreshing and even self-motivating

The featured Fashionisto is by far the best dressed male I’ve seen on my trip and one of my favorites posts to date. What I love the most about his look is the way he fusses popular trends with unexpected, old-school flair. He plays with formal and casual elements by sporting medium washed jeans with a tailored blazer, striped button down and shiny oxford shoes—classic staples that any guy can look good in. But it’s the additional add-ons that really give his outfit a trendy vibe. His black silk ascot paired with Kanye West-inspired glasses and cool coif are quirky, yet cohesive. He also totes a denim leather trimmed bag (evolution of denim on denim trend?) and leather gloves to keep his color theme consistent.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble is a prime example of pulling inspiration from all different genres of interest-music, historic costume, architecture-and having the ability to channel those interests into a look that’s all your own.

Now I can only hope the guys at Delaware will take note…

Hint:To get the ascot-type look like the featured Fashionisto, try a square scarf like this one from Nordstrom or try using your scarf as a fun head wrap!

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