The thing I love most about Spanish people is that they're incredibly laidback. Everything is, “No pasa nada,” which means, “It's not a problem.” It's such a down-to-earth culture in which I was able to seamlessly adjust myself and begin to feel comfortable within days. I see this aspect of society playing into people's daily lives through their fashion choices. I'm a huge advocate of effortless fashion and women in Madrid have it down to a T. There's nothing more refreshing than looking at a girl and just loving the way she's dressed because you know it's comfortable, gorgeous and she probably didn't even try.

This Fashionista is no exception to that feeling. I turned a corner and saw her casually talking to a friend on the sidewalk. She's understatedly trendy and just such a delight to talk to! First of all, I love the lack of makeup because she's as gorgeous as ever. She lightly pinned back a couple strands of hair to keep them out of her face.

Her adorable black combat boots are complemented by her brightly colored scarf covered in geometric shapes. The chambray shirt, along with the boots, makes up a totally dressed down look while still being chic and fun — perfect for a rainy day in Madrid. Black skinny pants are a must in any girl's wardrobe because they can replace black leggings. They also allow you to play around with long blouses and oversized knit sweaters without forcing you to commit the serious (but not so serious) fashion faux pas that is wearing leggings as pants. 

I'm still learning about European fashion and how Spanish people play into that whole scenario but so far, I like what I see.

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