A beautiful outfit is all very well and good, it can have the right colours, shape, size, everything. But I truly believe an outfit is not complete without an accessory. Even if it’s a just a fabulous pair of shoes, the outfit needs to make you shine, and going out without at least one accessory can make you feel naked.

Every woman has a preferred accessory. Some adore hats, others are handbag fiends, others appreciate a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Mine is a scarf; or pashminas if you will. They keep you warm in the winter and prove as a great piece in the summer when light enough and suit almost everything. For every outfit in my wardrobe, there is most likely a scarf in the box to complement it perfectly, my favourite being a regal purple that certainly stands out.

Coming from a relatively cold climate has its advantages sometimes, in the form of being able to wear my favourite statement piece most of the year round and here in Budapest, they obviously think the same. The great thing about scarves is you can buy them anywhere. You can buy them in Aquascutum, Hermés or Burberry if you’re looking for a distinctive one but it’s just as easy to buy one in Morrocco or Turkey or even a stall at your local high street market. You can even knit one yourself, if you have the patience.

This pashmina was a delightful sight to see on the street on an otherwise rather dull day in the city. The lovely texture, as well as the beautifully rich pinks and golds that exude warmth, lit up the simple outfit and created an ensemble that looked fun and exciting to wear and brightened up the classroom on a boring Wednesday afternoon.

Scarves like this are easy to come by and if you’re wearing a simple outfit and want just a splash of colour, a nice bit of neckwear should be your first port of call. You can go for something simple and elegant or a more fun and flirty choice like Accessorize’s options.
Whatever you decide, you have thousands of options and countless ways to wear yours. The moral is, if you’re looking to add a dash of sparkle into your day, why not choose a scarf?

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