FASHION FROM ABROAD: Rain, Rain, Stay Forever

I'm a firm believer that summer brings out the best in us. That feeling probably comes from the fact that I love walking around in high-waisted shorts and cropped tops. In the summer, the sun never sets, which means the fun never stops.

Now, I'm not going to say I hate the rain, but let's just say we don't get along very well. My hair gets frizzy, my clothes stick to my body — I think I speak for many Fashionistas when I say we just don't enjoy it. However, when I was looking for inspiration this week, I realized that the rain doesn't have to be a downer. When it comes to your style, the rain can be a challenge. And who doesn't like a challenge? Bad weather is just a roadblock that pushes us to our maximum potential. 

Rain, you say? Enter: rain boots. This Fashionista is wearing the ever-so-popular Hunter variety, but in a color I've never seen before. My theory about rain boots from now on is to go big or go home. You're already wearing an obnoxiously large pair of shoes, why not wear them in a bright color, say yellow or orange? This Fashionista went with red and there's nothing trendier than that. She also chose to wear a pullover that is incredibly comfortable but doesn't dress down her outfit to sweatpants status. It completely reiterates my motto of “function doesn't have to supersede fashion.” More and more Fashionistas are donning the pullover look to bring a laidback feel to their outfits.

Just because the weather is miserable doesn't mean you have to make yourself unhappy by basically wearing pajamas to class. You can still have a little fun with your wardrobe and beat the nasty rain at its own game!

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