Ah, Paris, the City of Lights. The people, the buildings, the food, everything is beautiful. There are many trends among the youth (as well as among the not so youthful). So, I hope to share with you those trends throughout my semester here.

The Fashionista pictured here is wearing a thick, green knitted pullover that’s extra large with a comfortable pair of black leggings. Shopbop's American Vintage sweater is close in style but in brown and black. Geraldine Saglio wore a thick-knitted sweater in a darker shade of green with a turtleneck here. Either way, this type of sweater is best for weather  in Paris because it's warm, comfortable and doesn't take much effort. Basic white chucks are easy to walk in and her cool, waterproof, part velvet jacket provides cover from the unpredictable wind and rain but with an added ‘je ne sais quoi.' 

Although the weather has been full of rain this past week, there’s no doubt les Parisiens still look tres chic. This Fashionista stands out from the pack by wearing a bright green in a sea of black, gray, and beige. You would be surprised how many ways these colors can be mixed and matched to make such interesting ensembles. Every which way you look, whether it’s the sidewalk, the metro, or the cafe, it’s the people that catch your eye and you better make sure you always have your camera ready.  

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