STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sift Through a Thrift Few

Happy New Year!  My New Year's resolutions are usually given up for Lent, but this week I present a resolution we can all follow. Out with the new, and in the with old! Trend on the rise? Finding designer digs at thrift stores.  Tons of people have cleaned out their closets and gotten organized by donating clothes to thrift stores, so get picking while the picking's good.

This Fashionisto is clad entirely in thrift store finds. His 100% camel hair blazer is from Lord & Taylor, and his khaki's are Banana Republic. Both look sharp and hardly worn. His button down makes him look professional, and well put together. He estimated that his entire outfit came out to be under $50, originally having a retail value of over $200.

With so much focus nowadays on the environment and how we can do out part, fashion is a great outlet to help the cause. By buying from thrift stores you eliminate clothing transportation emissions, recycle, give new life to items that sometimes haven't even been used, and help communities on a microeconomic level.

Thrift stores are also great for mixing and matching finds to make your own unique style. You have a couple decades to peruse in thrift stores so take advantage of everything from Miu Mius to moonboots. And don't be too discouraged if you stumble upon an adorable 50s dress with a 20 inch waist, because everyone in the 50s wore My-Size Barbie clothes. If you find something to really love, it's usually cheaper to get it altered than it would've been at its original price.

Some amazing thrift stores include Brooklyn's Beacon's Closet, DC's Unique Thrift Store and Bethesda's Mustard Seed.

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