This Fashionista was spotted on her way to the beach wearig one of spring's newest trends, neon. This stylish look has been seen on many different runways and in spring fashion lines. With the new season rapidly approaching in Tel Aviv, it is no surprise that neon clothing is seen shining brighter than the sun. The colors range from pink, green, yellow and peach and can be seen on jeans, T-shirts and even on nails!

This Fashionista incorporates my current favorite accessory into her luminous outfit: a turban. The yellow from her shirt brings out the the color of her statement headpiece, creating a complete and fashionable look. High-waist jean shorts are another tool used to make this basic outfit a little more special. Also, no look is final without the much-needed addition of neutral gladiators. For a look like this Fashionista's, you can purchase the shirt, shorts and turban all at one place: Urban Outfitters.

Beach season is the ultimate opportunity to wear your most daring, unusual pieces. Whether it be a fedora, a unique one-piece bathing suit, a maxi dress or giant outrageous sunglasses, all of the above are fashionable choices. 

Although this Fashionista is dressed for daytime, a similar outfit can be created for a night out. Color block neon heels, a bright clutch or neon jeans can turn this casual trend into the perfect night attire. A look like this is sure to spring all the Fashionistas into a great season.

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