FASHION FROM ABROAD: Subtle Color Blocking

Recently, every magazine I have flipped through has deemed color blocking one of the biggest fashion forecasts for spring. This trend is popping up everywhere, from bright dresses to trousers in a range of different hues; people can't get enough of the color craze. Everywhere I turned at Paris Fashion Week, I saw people celebrating spring and flaunting different shades of color. This group of Fashionistas really caught my eye, as the approach they took was less of a cliche color blocking approach, and more of a subtle one, fusing colors together that I wouldn't normally think of or expect. They are all rocking black wedges, which are a staple shoe that work with almost any outfit. I love this pair by Marc Jacobs. I love the Fashionista on the left's fur combined with a lilac colored dress, as it makes for an unusual yet intriguing pairing. Try a similar dress like this one from ASOS. The Fashionista in the middle is sporting one of the most essential items in any wardrobe: a peacoat. I love the camel hue and find it to be universally flattering, complementing a wide range of skin tones. Try this peacoat from Neiman Marcus to get the look. The Fashionista to the right wears a great pair of red pants. As a lover of leggings, I recommend these red jeggings from Urban Outfitters as a good alternative to pants. They still achieve the same look, yet take a route that is more focused on comfort.

Hint: Color blocking does not mean over the top. Avoid looking like a box of Crayola crayons exploded and go for a more subtle route. Step out of the box and pair colors together that you normally wouldn't think of. I guarantee the results will be better than you expected.

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