FASHION FROM ABROAD: Sunny Hues and Navy Blues

Spring break has just come to an end here in Paris as colorful outfits start to bloom on the streets. Floral prints with lots and lots of tan gladiator sandals have been spotted on the sidewalk along with schoolboy blazers and flowy skirts. This Fashionista, who is also a designer, is a perfect example of the Hyper Color trend that’s in for spring — and she also happens to be the lovechild between Prada and Bally’s Spring 2011 collections. For starters, take her dress, a long navy base that serves as the foundation of her outfit and which can be found in the Bally collection as well as at Zara. Next, her bright orange belt, an important color for the season, and yellow cardigan are both staples in each of the spring collections. Her wooden and canvas bag captures the geometric detailing in both collections, and don’t forget her shoes which emulate the star of Prada’s show: the multilayered platform. So follow this Fashionista’s lead (and the previous Fashionista’s) with color this spring. As Miuccia Prada said herself, “It’s time to be bold.”

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