I have a confession: I steal sweaters from my male friends. It is turning into a problem. Oops. I only do it because men’s sweaters are so much better than ones for girls. They fit so well, meaning they do not actually fit but are big and I get to roll up the sleeves. I hope to one day be that grandmother who wears men’s sweaters and leggings — don’t judge.

It is that glorious time of year when the big coats are put away and I would like to dub this so-called season as the season of oversized sweaters. It is so much better than saying, “It’s not still winter but not yet spring.” Are you with me on this?

Apparently this Fashionista is. Proportions are important and she perfectly balances her oversized sweater with skinny jeans. Also, I love that the sleeves are too long. I mean, who wouldn’t want makeshift gloves?

As her sweater has a masculine feel, she stays consistent to that masculinity with her choice in shoes. Penny loafers? Um, yes. I am a big fan of the throwback to Nancy Drew. Her bag also complements her sweater because, as a messenger bag, it too fits in with the masculine theme.

I expect you all to go buy men's sweaters now. I do understand, though, that they tend to be overpriced — especially at chain clothing stores. Solution: many thrift stores have good sweater collections to choose from and many of the sweaters are quality brands.

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