FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Grunge-Era Slouch

In Seoul, there are so many different foods, fashion trends and styles that it’s hard for me to fully devote to one. On my second week in Korea, I went out to the heart of Seoul to keep up with the fast pace Korean street fashion. While strolling around the city, I spotted this Fashionista’s denim vest ensemble, which exemplified the grunge-era look perfectly. Denim is undoubtedly coming back into fashion not only for this season, but for the upcoming seasons as well.

This Fashionista wore a black skirt under the sheer black dress, and polished the overall look with an oversized denim vest. The vest not only staples her overall look, but it also plays as a perfect layering piece when mixing an article of clothing. This Fashionista is a perfect example of wearing the color black in the hot summer weather. Her choice of the sheer black fabric appears to be edgy and cool at the same time.

I was not only captivated by this Fashionista’s grunge-era slouchiness, but as well as her choice in shoes and accessories. The small touch of red and purple stacked on her arms, and a touch of white on her converse shoes scream a modern yet youthful appeal. To get this Fashionista’s stacked bracelet look, try shopping at Etsy for a handmade bracelet, or shop at Forever21 for the latest trending items.

Invest in a perfect denim piece for the season, and it will get you noticed right away. The reappearance of the jean jackets will be continued for the next season, so try shopping at Madewell, or Foreve r21 for affordable denim apparel. If you already have a denim jacket that is hiding behind your closet, be crafty and D.I.Y. your jacket. You can cut the sleeves off by following College Fashion’s tutorial and/or add studs to the collar and pockets to add some edge. Have fun this summer and redefine your wardrobe by channeling the grunge look.

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