FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Spanish Hipster

I love hipsters. Living in Boston and going to Allston constantly has only fostered that love. I'm not talking about punks or pretentious party poopers. I'm talking about fashionable human beings who won't deny that they actually put effort into the way they look. Because what's so wrong with that? Unfortunately, I think the word “hipster” can carry some pretty negative connotations, especially around BU's campus. Hipsters — for the regular BU student — are those Art History or Painting majors that are so “alternative” (whatever that means) that dye their hair weird colors and seclude themselves from the rest of the student body. Well, I'd beg to differ.

This Fashionisto proves my point. He's a fashion student here in Madrid and just by looking at him, you can tell he cares about his style (I don't think it's only because he's a fashion student). The perfect shoes anybody could have are Vans sneakers. They're very comfortable and definitely made for walking. I've seen many a hipster donning these at Allston basement shows while getting stepped on and spilling on their shoes. They seriously last forever. And honestly, the dirtier the better. I feel the same way about Converse and Keds. 

And who said polo shirts are just for preppy guys? This Fashionisto gives the polo an alternative look — that's a better way to use the word alternative, rather than using to describe someone's fashion that you don't understand… but I digress. The polo fits him perfectly and looks great tucked into his chinos, which, by the way, are awesomely cuffed and ruffled up above his ankles. This makes the look a little more relaxed and he looks as comfortable as ever. To top this outfit off, this Fashionisto perfected his bed head and is wearing a spectacular pair of spectacles, if you will. He also has just the right amount of scruff without making it look like he was too lazy to shave. And I love it. What person doesn't enjoy a little facial hair on the dudes? Scruff is the perfect combination between rebellious and clean cut. 

Don't be afraid to call someone a hipster, or even call yourself a hipster because usually these are pretty fashionable people!

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