As the summer comes to an end and school begins, I see myself less than a week away from being in Spain. To be honest, I've been feeling more anxiety and fear than excitement. As a senior, I look back to freshman year and all the things I used to think about my future. I always thought I'd be spending the entirety of my last two semesters right here in Boston; but my life is taking me somewhere completely new and unexpected.

In light of all the traveling I will be doing, I decided to focus on men and women that are ready to take flight. I always look at those girls in airports wearing stilettos and silk dresses with disdain; there is nothing more uncomfortable than being too dressy for travel. That's why I like this Fashionisto's outfit – it's simple and understated, making it extremely comfortable for a six-hour plane ride. He's wearing uber-comfortable flannel so there's no need for an in-flight blanket to nap. The vest he's wearing is also a great cushion to feel nice and cozy. The Clarks Desert Boots this Fashionisto is sporting are also perfect for running through the airport to make your flight on time.

Finding something cute for girls to wear while they travel is easy, too. I'd go with a simple pair of jeans and cute top with comfortable shoes.

The flannel and vest are the perfect fall combination and they're very reminiscent of a day out in the woods. This Fashionisto is stylish, yet comfortable and doesn't look like a slob headed to the airport!

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