Of course, this being my first week in Madrid, I'm doing touristy things around the city. I don't entirely have a grasp on Spanish fashion quite yet because most of the people I've seen so far are tourists as well. I can state the obvious, however, and say that Europeans are super-trendy.

Today, I stumbled upon this Fashionista rocking the dress-and-sneakers look that I love dearly. Every girl should own a basic pair of Keds because they're comfy for pretty much any occasion and literally go with every outfit. They're also awesome for exploring a city in! The best way to style your look is always by trying to be both trendy and comfortable. I always say that fashion over function should never be a problem; you shouldn't have to choose one over the other. I think that's why this look comes so naturally to most people. The small cross-body purse is also perfect to carry all of your essentials – even your camera – without looking too bulky or having a big purse weigh you down as you stroll through cobblestone streets.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of her beautiful curly locks! I love girls that aren't afraid to leave their hair untamed like this; it's such a naturally beautiful look. Also, don't be afraid to try something different, like pairing two things that may seem opposite. If you've read my columns before, you know that my first priority in fashion is always comfort with style. That's why I will definitely be rocking an outfit like this the next time I decide to walk around Madrid… which will probably be tomorrow!

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