FASHION FROM ABROAD: Work The Parisian Chic

Paris is finally thawing after the arctic temperatures during these past couple of weeks. The sun has been shining and temperatures have been in the high 50s. It makes exploring much nicer and the blue skies seem to agree with the Parisians as well.

When the weather gets warmer it always becomes a challenge to find an ensemble that will allow you to enjoy the nice temperatures but will also still keep you warm when you are not in the sun. The trick is to layer. Choosing a long sleeve shirt, a chunky knit cardigan and topping it off with a light coat is a great way to walk through the streets in style but it’s also just plain smart. This Fashionista has done a great job layering, and of course she looks effortlessly Parisian chic. Taking light washed jeans and contrasting them with brown studded edgy boots makes a statement in itself. She then chose a tan colored top and layered an unbuttoned knit maroon cardigan for maximum warmth. And lastly, adding the black blazer with gold buttons gives her outfit a certain sophisticated charm. Her hair is effortlessly windblown to complete the casual-chic look.

If you are interested in adopting this style, try Zappos for these studded Dr. Martens. Contrast the boots with a pair of light washed jeans like this pair from Shopbop. Choose one of your favorite basic tops, layer it with this Urban Fisherman Cardi and top it off with a boyfriend blazer from ASOS. Last but not least, before leaving the house run some leave-in conditioner through your hair and you’ll be rocking the Parisian chic look in no time!

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