FASHION INSIDER: Uhma Limited, Inc.

One of my internships this semester is with Uhma, a luxury T-shirt company for men and women with Delaware roots. Their merchandise can be found at Clothes in the Past Lane on Main Street in Newark, as well as on their website,

Beginning this Monday and ending December 26th, Uhma is having a Black Friday in December sale online which will include select shirts 80% off—as low as $6.00 from their original price of $29.99. Shop on their website for last-minute Christmas presents or to stock up on tops for the spring!

I interviewed Founder and CEO Erik Seel to find out more details about the company:

CollegeFashionista: What are your personal style inspirations?

Erik Seel: Personally I have been inspired most by the designer David Bitton who has a line called Buffalo Jeans. David has been able to successfully develop a mid to upper priced line of jeans and casual wear that is known for its quality. The line has captured the love we all share of a comfortable t-shirt with a great fitting pair of jeans but likewise has grown beyond this to create an entire line of hip pieces that take the jean market into the dressier more upscale look that has become very trendy.

CF: How did you come up with the company name, Uhma?

ES: I knew from the beginning that I wanted the line to represent the outspoken defiant attitude of young america but also capture the quality and grandeur of European fashion. In doing some research I found that Uhma was Finnish for the defiance of youth. I thought it was just different enough to stand out. The first thing you tend to ask with the line is what is Uhma, and that is exactly what I wanted.

CF: What are your favorite pieces?

ES: I think my favorite piece is definitely freedom tour. I like how it blends both the vintage theme with the music theme – two concepts that are very big in today's designs. I also like how the design is only one color. The design itself works and it doesn't need multiple colors to make a statement. When I think of putting on my favorite pair of jeans and just relaxing this is the shirt that does it for me.

CF: What would you like to see in the future with Uhma?

ES: I started Uhma as a t-shirt company because my background is in graphic design and not fashion. Also, getting into t-shirts is the least capital intensive market within the fashion industry. With a little luck I would like to eventually have a more diverse offering of casual luxury apparel pieces from button down shirts and maybe even jeans. For know I need to work on developing the brand name.

CF: Can college students become involved with Uhma as models, designers? 

ES: Uhma is constantly looking for college students who would like to be involved with the line either as designers or models. All our models to date have been local college students or recent graduates who like the idea of working with a fashion line. We have had great support and owe a lot to all the models who have been there for the line. If any students are interested in modeling for the line please don't hesitate to contact us. The same goes for designers. If you have an idea for a tee let us know and maybe we can get your ideas into production. 

The company is also open to working with campus clubs, Greek Life and local business to create customizable shirts. You can “like” Uhma on Facebook and on Twitter: @UhmaLimited.

Photo credits: Uhma Limited, Inc. 

Photo to the left taken on Main Street in Newark, DE

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