FASHION NEWS: Allsaints in Boston

Boston itself is a very international city and as you walk down Boston's famous Newbury street touches of other countries grace the streets. Newbury is an international hub, so it is no wonder Allsaints decided to open a store right here in Boston.

Allsaints has been all over in the UK for the past few years and has just started to open up new locations in the US starting with their premier locations in New York and Boston. With alternative clothing and shoes for Fashionistos, Fashionistas and even little ones Allsaints has already become the new hit spot for Boston shoppers. Their mix and matching of classic with grunge and vintage is what really makes this store unique. This is definitely a store to visit this season; with the weather rapidly changing Allsaints has a great selection of boots and jackets all within a reasonable price range. One of my favorite items from Allsaints this season is their shearling military boot, not only are they warm but they are also great boots to just slip on and run out the door, which is especially useful during finals time. Easy and comfort are all we hope to accomplish during this stressful finals time, and Allsaints has a great selection of leggings and sweaters as well, so you’re guaranteed to find that perfect comfortable library outfit. And they say retail therapy is among one of the best stress relievers, so why not relieve some of that stress at Allsaints?

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