FASHION NEWS: Big Buddha Bags

I won't sugar coat it, I have always had an affinity for the expensive and glamorous. I get shivers when I see couture and lustful eyes when I pass by Chanel. Maybe it was all of those years of reading Vogue and Harper's Bazaar that I thought the luxurious handbags were the way to go. But as a college Fashionista myself, most of the looks off the fall runways are a little out of my budget. Still, I like to ring in every season with a new bag to share my daily adventures.

style="margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px"> Without the proper means to indulge in say, the new Balenciaga bag of the season, I put my bargaining skills to the test. Shopping one afternoon at Weekends, I found a brand of handbags that were cheap, eco-friendly, and looked like a designer bag. The brand is Big Buddha and I haven't looked back since. Designer Jeremy Bassan started the collection out of his dorm room seven years ago. With stylish college students in mind, he created hand-made, faux leather designs that are affordable for almost every budget and style. I have a personal love affair going on with the off-white Coco bag. The detailing of the rose-like pleating is incredibly unique and shows off the true artistry of the designer. And the Taj turquoise clutch is the perfect accessory for a fun night out. has some great deals with free shipping. So grab your new bag of the season and don't feel bad- A faux leather bag runs less than $100, and you never know the difference. 

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