FASHION NEWS: Eco-Friendly Stores Expanding Throughout Boston

Vegans and vegetarians nationwide have stepped up their efforts in recent years to encourage individuals to explore their lifestyles and give up their meat-eating ways. About a month ago, many students from the Boston University Vegetarian Society teamed up with peta2 in an effort to petition for more vegetarian options at dining halls across the campus. Participants who gathered signatures feel that Boston University students should have greater access to vegetarian and vegan options; while these students may still be petitioning for a greater variety of food choices, they need not be concerned about the amount of eco-friendly shopping available to them throughout the city. has provided a convenient list of vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants as well as a variety of stores to shop for eco-friendly clothes, accessories, and more. For example, Envi (located at 164 Newbury Street)

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