FASHION NEWS: FAB and Diane von Furstenberg

This past Wednesday, Boston University’s finest Fashionistas and Fashionistos ventured to the Diane von Furstenberg store on Newberry Street. The reason? A fabulous and fun event hosted by the Boston store and BU’s Fashion and Retail Association (FAB). Fashionistas/os were encouraged to mingle amongst each other, browse the colorful racks, and munch on delicious hors d’oeuvres. DVF’s Vice President of Retail was also present to talk about his work experience and share some of his personal wisdom.

While browsing through the racks of eye-catching apparel and shoes lining the store’s walls, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly fashionable the attendees were. The club’s Director of Public Relations wore one of the most noticeable ensembles. As one of BU’s favorite Fashionistos (he has been shot by our Style Gurus four times!), he didn’t disappoint, showing up to the event in leopard pants and a classic leather jacket. Another attendee also chose to show her animal side, wearing a black fur coat with her Chanel quilted purse.

While the all black trend was popular, some guests added a little color to their outfits, the most popular choices being sky blue and army tones. One Fashionista mixed it up with a dark green plaid skirt and grey tweed coat, finishing the look with a pair of olive colored over-the-knee boots. Statement headpieces were seen amongst a few guests, including one Fashionista’s bright red beanie (and matching lipstick) and another’s black one with massive fur ball on top. Every arm, finger and neck was layered with bracelets, necklaces and rings, leaving no Fashionista/o un-accessorized. The event was a huge success, leaving guests anxious for another opportunity to showcase their brilliant sartorial talents.

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