FASHION NEWS: Fashion Week

Once a year, everyone’s who’s anyone travels to the Mecca of the fashion world: their city’s Fashion Week. Although I did not go to the New York version, I did intern for the smaller, internationally-oriented DC Fashion Week in February. Aside from the amazing designs, I was blown away by working closely by one of the designers at the event. An up and coming designer from Serbia, Tatjana Tatalovic’s designs from her collection TATA were whimsically mystical yet realistically functional. Check out this video of one of her runway shows. Furthermore, since I was able to work with the designer and for the events, I ran into some great networking opportunities. I know every Fashionista/o would be interested in working so closely with fashion and runway shows, and you’d be surprised how many cities actually have a fashion week that has a lot to offer, so check it out and utilize all the opportunities provided to you that involve working with fashion.

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