FASHION NEWS: Fashion’s Night In

We bring our computers to class and either find ourselves browsing the pages of Facebook, CollegeFashionista, or when those classes are really tough to get through we turn to another alternative: online shopping. Browsing the virtual clothing racks is something we’re all guilty of, but it is so hard to resist and when the online shopping market has infinite options to sift through why would we want to resist. Lucky for all of us serial online shoppers there is now a night dedicated to us: Fashion’s Night In. Following the success of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, Vogue is introducing Fashion’s Night In, a night dedicated to the world of online shopping. With a wide variety of online participants from Alexander McQueen ( to there are retailers that suit our lovely college student budget and those willing to splurge on a few high-ticket items.

Each retailer has their own specials going on for the event, most retailers have given us a relief on shipping fees, some have offered discounts ranging from 10%-30% and more expensive retailers like McQueen have included a free scented candle and has so graciously given us a chance to preview the last ever collection of Kate Moss for Topshop dresses—set to officially be revealed the following day. The greatest part about this night of online shopping: the chance to discover new online stores. Fashion’s Night In is on November 1st from 5pm until midnight, giving us the great opportunity to browse all participating online stores all weekend.

Check out Vogue’s Fashion’s Night In website for more information and to help plan out your online shopping plan of attack. Happy shopping!

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