FASHION NEWS: “Fly, Fierce, Flawless: The December Issue”

Penn State’s Fly Magazine put on a fashion show for their December Issue last night in the HUB Auditorium. Coordinated by students Jasmine Thomas, Alexandria Davis, and Stephanie Pappas, the show was promoted to be an event full of glamour and high fashion. So you know I had to be there to be the judge of that!

The show followed a theme that flowed around popular magazines, such as Vogue and Rolling Stone. The styling for each scene (there were 9 in total) was dedicated to what I felt to be the general audience for each publication. For instance, the Cosmopolitan scene was full of vivid, and sweet clothing versus the GQ scene that had a sensual and sophisticated approach.

Unlike most fashion shows at Penn State University, this show actually put an emphasis on the clothing. From head to toe the models were styled consistently—and even the shoes were hot!

It was a fun show that the packed audience seemed to enjoy. With only a few low lights such as some technical issues, ill fitted clothing, non-usage of spanx and a host who clearly should have taken a seat in the audience. Aside from this, I personally enjoyed myself.

“After all the stress and all the hard work. It was everything we hoped for. I couldn’t ask for a better group of models. If I had to do it again tomorrow I would” stated coordinator, Jasmine Thomas.

Good job ladies, and I hope to see more events like this in the future.

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