FASHION NEWS: Gurus Holiday Shopping Thoughts.

Who better to ask about holiday shopping sales and the spiraling economy, then the Gurus who write for the site. I went on a quest to see how college students are budgeting this season and what’s in and what’s out for holiday gift giving. Results are below:

1. How has the retail industry transformed this season compared to last year?

*stores are stocked on all merchandise and sale merchandise is significantly better value

*creating own personally made gifts

*resale shopping is WAY more fashionable this year

*warmer family feeling and importance of holiday opposed to just about gift giving

*more online shopping retailers and options for free shipping and return

2. When shopping for the holidays, do you look for luxury goods?

*Yes-most Gurus stated that their holiday shopping list start off by designer good inspirations and they locate cheaper versions at mass market retailers

3. Where are you and your friends shopping?




*Old Navy


*Urban Outfitters



4. What have you been asking for as gifts from your parents?



*gift cards

*tan trench coat

*Sex and The City DVD’s

*new camera

*Tory Buch duffle bag

*red lipstick


5. Have you seen more people shopping in stores/online compared to last year?

*Definitely online shopping

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