FASHION NEWS: Internship Attire Without Breaking the Bank

The internship is sealed in the bag for summer 2010, now what? You still want to be trendy without looking too risqué or breaking the bank, especially considering we are in college and basically working for free. This summer some boutiques offering business casual attire are also offering college students discounts.  

The biggest thing to keep in mind while shopping for internship wardrobe is to keep it dressy but casual. A khaki high waisted pencil skirt from Ann Taylor Loft with an embellished pink V-Neck from Banana Republic and a cardigan from J. Crew is just the perfect outfit for the ladies. For you Fashionistos out there, some slacks with a button up linen shirt for the Texas heat are just the thing.  These are just few stores out there that offer discounts for our college budgets, just remember to mention the college discounts and have your ID ready. Happy Shopping!


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