If New York, Paris, and London can set up a runway for beautiful models to strut as the front row judges their every thread, then why can’t IU too? IU seniors Casey Heck and Kate Murphy decided it was their turn to show off their collections in an unexpected location, the Cassady Electrical Company, which staged a flawless show. Heck’s collection, “Weathered Beauty” was inspired by old, aged barns and Murphy’s collection, “Constricted Construction,” was inspired by straight jackets. Heck’s collection featured many corsets and copper metaling, while Murphy’s all-white collection featured a dress made from plastic and several pieces that included zippers. So if you Fashionistas are thinking that you have to move to a big city to be inspired, think again. Could Grant Wood have painted American Gothic if he lived in Paris? Probably not.

Style On,


Photograph taken by fellow IU student Bruce Carver.

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