FASHION NEWS: Local Flavor

Tired of the same old same old shopping? I sure am. Freshmen year of college, I had a habit of visiting Forever 21 every Friday with my best friend to pick out a new cute top or outfit for the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Forever 21. But sometimes my fashionable eye needs something new. A Fashionista always strives to be unique, so doesn’t that mean we should shop at unique stores? The answer is yes. And the solution to the problem is to visit some of Eugene’s boutiques that carry original and stylish clothes. In the 5th Street Market area, there are a couple boutiques that have gorgeous clothes, shoes, and accessories. Not to mention, both stores have frequent sale signs in their display window. SPYCE and Melange are two of the stores that you may want to visit. When you do, you will feel transported into a trendy little city, which is quite the getaway from say a 500 person lecture in Colombia. So, venture out of your dorm or apartment and start shopping!

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