FASHION NEWS: Lola, the Other Jacob’s Girl

When Marc Jacobs described his new perfume, Lola, as Daisy’s vampy older sister, I was a bit wary. I loved Daisy, it was so young and fun and playful, the smell was fresh instead of being overly sexy and floral as many of the other popular perfumes. I was afraid that this perfume was Marc going back to his roots, like his namesake perfume that smelled far to sophisticated for my 20 year old self. However, I was wrong, shame on me for doubting Marc. The moment I spritzed on Lola I was in love. I can so easily see Lola as Daisy older sister, a bit older but still in the same wildly playful family. And don’t even get me started about the bottle. The enormous retro roses atop the bottle are so in tune with fashion’s recent obsession with the eighties. And everybody knows that a perfume isn’t worth it if the bottle isn’t beautiful. All in all, this perfume is my new staple for going out in Madtown.

The only thing that doesn’t quite make sense? Karlie Kloss, the model for all Lola handpicked by Marc himself, is a mere 17! She looks very juvenile as opposed to the older sister character, but I guess she pulls off the vampy look.

Check out the new perfume at Bloomingdales, ranging from $65-$85, I’m sure you’ll fall in love.

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