FASHION NEWS: May I Please Have Some More, Dior?

I look forward to autumn the moment summer begins. Hot coffee tastes more delicious when it is slightly cooler outside. Both books and film seem more interesting when you can wrap up in comfortable sweaters and scarves. What’s more, the fall means that holidays are just around the corner. As the leaves change to beautiful shades of red and orange, it seems as if everything in the world is simply….better. 

If these reasons are not enough to convince you to fall head over heels in love with autumn, perhaps this years runway shows will. The designers gave plenty of options when it came to upcoming trends: fur, beige, romantic brocade prints, and my personal favorite, equestrian attire.

While gazing through Christian Dior's  fall collection, I could not help but be reminded of Oliver Twist. No there were no pickpockets, but the clothes were strikingly similar. 

Models strutted down the runway in clothing that appeared to be both French- Victorian and equestrian themed. The show primarily consisted of romantic dresses paired with long leather coats and boots. Wool pencil skirts and baker boy caps helped to create an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Designer John Galliano utilized the current fur and knit trends, but in a more subtle way. A fitted blazer may have a slight fur trim, or a plaid dress suit often came with a small fur handbag. Other noteworthy pieces included a cozy knit cardigan-coat, and two knit dresses. 

While Dior's collection is the equivalent to paying for college tuition, a similar look can be achieved without burning a hole in your wallet. Embrace fall's colors by wearing shades of olive, brown, or maroon. Newsboy caps  give a more modern look to the Oliver Twist era. Layer tights, leg warmers, long tailored coats and cardigans for a look that is both polished and comfortable. 


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