FASHION NEWS: New Urban Outfitter Designer Collections

Within the past few years, many stores have been featuring designer collections at affordable costs. These deals are perfect for Fashionistas and Fashionistos on a budget, like most college students. With inexpensive designer looks, it is easy to stay on top of trends and expand your wardrobe, without breaking the piggy bank. I have already mentioned several designer collaborations from stores like Topshop, Gap, and Target in previous posts. Urban Outfitters is a frequently visited store by many U of M students and Ann Arbor locals thanks to the large branch conveniently located at State Street and East Liberty. This store has featured many well-known designers and is adding to the list. Some new collections being added to the store are from designers Jules Kim and Lyell.

The brand Bijuled, a New York-based jewelry company launched a line specifically for Urban Outfitters. BJ by Jules Kim features the brands signature rings, including sterling silver, gold plated, and plastic materials. The ring styles include nail rings, which fit over the fingertip, and bar rings that lay across multiple fingers in a style that resembles brass knuckles (images from latimesblog). These funky pieces are definite attention grabbers, and they are also affordable; they range in price from $18 to $162. The line Fletcher, by Lyell is another addition to Urban Outfitter stores anticipated to arrive August 15th. This collection includes a few of the brands signature vintage inspired pieces, like dresses, a camisole, and high-waisted pants all at affordable costs. Make sure you checkout Urban Outfitters stores or visit them online to get your hands on some of the great new designer pieces.

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