Vinyl records decorated across the runway set the stage for this year's Retail Studies Organization's Retro Revival themed fashion show. Fashion design certificate students showcased 77 looks as well as local retailers Cha Cha with five looks and InSeam Denim Supply with five looks. The models below rocked some of the designer's looks, but keep scrolling to find design student interviews below.


Lauren Gelbard, below on the left, is standing with her model, who is wearing a laced-back vest designed by Gelbard.

CF: What is your favorite part about IU's style?

Gelbard: The fact that it's really diverse with different people and different styles all making up Bloomington.

CF: How important is college fashion?

Gelbard: It's almost more important than the outside world because this is the place where people are developing their style and finding the creativity that they bring to the outside world.

CF: Who are your favorite designers, blogs, fashion Web Sites?

Gelbard: I love Betsey Johnson and the Sartorialist. I also get a lot of inspiration from ShopBop because they update their site daily.

Brandon Garr designed this evening gown in one of his design courses.

CF: What is your favorite part about IU's style?

Garr: It's unique. It's very inspired by a lot of different regions of the country who come to IU to create a melting pot of fashion.

CF: What are the trends you've seen lately?

Garr: A lot of monochromatic colors paired together. Pair a light red shirt with a darker red color cardigan over it.


Meg Zaring not only planned the fashion show, but she showcased several of her designs including this purple and black sweetheart top dress.

CF: What are your thoughts about fashion in Bloomington?

Zaring: I went to a seminar in Chicago where they dissed Bloomington and said we were two seasons behind, but honestly I think there are people here who are more into fashion than they know.


Along with a group of other members of the Paul Mitchell design studio in Indianapolis, fashion design certificate student Desi Burkholder, styled hair and make-up.

CF: How would you describe IU's style?

Burkholder: It's college so it's a lot different. Girls can throw on leggings and a cute top. It's a stylish way to go to college.

CF: What designers inspire you?

Burkholder: Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf. I like to come up with ideas similar to theirs but it changes when I start sketching.


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