Flowers aren't the only things blooming this season; blossoming romances are some of the best summer experiences! (I mean, Danny and Sandy made a whole movie about it, remember!) So if you've got a big date plan with the someone special but find yourself low on cash, worry no more! A new and expanding site will meet your needs in more ways than one.

Founded at Harvard University by then-student Yifan Zhang, Styleta works to reduce clothing waste on the planet while selling great pieces for less. "Styleta is a nonprofit organization that collects donations of high-end clothing and accessories, and sells these donations online to a fashion-conscious membership base. The net proceeds of these sales will then benefit charities that focus on women’s initiatives." (Styleta Company Information). With great pieces from several different designers and stores, your date-night-dress opportunities will be endless! Shop online for a great pair of vintage Armani shades: perfect for a stroll down Kirkwood with your new companion. Snatch a delightful pair of Marciano heels for a meal at Uptown Cafe. 

With Styleta constantly working to fill and update their inventory (Styleta execs are currently in New York shopping for pieces from Armani, Fossil, Coach, and more), your options are endless — not to mention cheap! Sign up for the newsletter and join their Facebook group for shopping discounts and updates about the site. With a new wardrobe that helped save the planet, contribute to charities, and a few bucks, how could your new date not fall in love with you?

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