FASHION NEWS: Styleta Hits Bloomington

Designer brands and cheap prices—these two phrases usually don’t go hand in hand. As college students, we simply can’t afford the high-end price tags that we drool over.

Not to worry Fashionistas/os, Styleta’s got your back. The organization runs on designer clothing donations and retails these donations so students like us can actually buy said donations (and not feel like we just spent out entire life savings on that killer bag from Balenciaga). Money raised is used towards the good of the community, going specifically towards women’s initiatives.

Styleta hosted a “Rock The Runway” fashion show at my university last night and, to say the very least, I was impressed. It was so cool to see so many students and fans of the organization come out and support a great cause. Runway clothing included garments from Bloomington local shop (and one of my favorite go-to spots on campus), Pitaya. Also in the mix, models strutted looks from BCBG, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and more. An array of color, silhouettes, and attitude made the show a captivating one. Onlookers of the runway didn’t fail to impress either; attendees were clad in outfits that were worthy of the catwalk. Vintage bags, high-heeled boots, patterned tights, and oversized sweaters and tees were refreshingly common among those in attendance.

To pump up the experience, Chicago native DJ Wizz Kidd spun the event the entire night and, prior to the runway kickoff, pop singer Ryan McDaniel gave a performance that stole several hearts in the audience. 

If you love fashion for a cause, check out Styleta at You (and your wallet) won’t be disappointed.

Best trends of the evening: 

A special thanks to Mary Kate Murphy and Ashley Maish for the photographs. 

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