FASHION NEWS: Summer’s Memories Brings Fall’s Favorites

The return of the school year can be bittersweet. The carelessness of summer turns morphs into the challenges that fall may bring. Family and friends from home are left for the family you make for yourself. In my personal experience, traveling from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts is an extreme transformation. Not only am I in a different state, but the weather is — well, it’s completely different to say the least. But this does not mean I will have to trade my entire wardrobe for parkas and snow boots. While preparing for the upcoming year, do not fret spending an exuberant amount on clothes. Many items found in your summer closet can transcend into fall fashion.


Follow your instincts and continue this season’s latest trend. Try bangles or chunky necklace (the bolder, the better). Either way, you will grab the attention of many while walking down CommAve.

Flirty and feminine

Do not store those summer dresses yet. Instead, cover up with leather bomber jackets or blazers to keep warm during those first days of fall. Complete the retro inspired look with a pair of lace tights.

Play on plaid

Plaid scarves, plaid flannel, jackets, T-shirts, etc. Plaid continues to hold its own this fall.  Pair plaid with tweed for classic English, or keep it boho chic with a knit cap and slouch boots.

Summer loving

Recently purchased a scarf in some far off bazaar? Or maybe you made a bracelet from shells while at the beach. Proudly display your finds and/or works of art. They are nice mementos for those dreary days in Boston.

With the new school year comes a new start, but this never means summer should be forgotten.

Photo from: LA Vintage 

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