FASHION NEWS: Ville de l’amour

Let's say that a friend of yours has set you up on a blind date, “for your own good” (Thanks, friend-that-shall-remain-anonymous). The anticipation is unbearable and a jumble of thoughts and worst-case scenarios are running through your mind. You are probably wondering what could have possibly possessed you to agree to do this in the first place. Your outfit should be the last thing you need to constantly fret about during your date. First appearance is the foundation of preconceived notions, and your date will be curious to find out more about you when he/she first opens the figurative door. Reflect your personality and elude confidence with the help of the ever loyal (and ever affordable) H&M.

It may be a taboo to think of fall and the responsibilities that come with the season. However, I am partial to H&M’s Parisian inspired pre-fall guide. And why not take a few notes from the original ville de l’amour? Think tailored to boho-chic pieces, and an array of prints and patterns perfect for a night out in Boston. Black, white, red and neutral tones are perfect accompaniments to the city's romantic lights.

For Fashionistas, channel Can-Can Cool, Fifties Style, Boho Babe, or Punk Bourgeois. While it’s hard to choose, some of my personal favorites are piles of pearls, fire engine red pumps, and gotti black boys. As for Fashionistos, challenge your European counterparts by keeping it clean and full of attitude with Breton stripes, blazers, and distressed slacks. Add a plaid scarf to complete the outfit; it looks timeless and perfect for brisk walks around the Common.

Note: Just as each blind-dater is as different as the next, so are the locales and situations. Be sure to dress appropriately.

While I cannot assure you a perfect date, you will surely fall in love with this line.

Photo credit: H&M

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