FASHION NEWS: What the Blog?

What does a fashion blogger do when not scoping for campus trends? Look at countless other fashion blogs! This week I have been hooked onto the website This site has gained worldwide attention in the press, and with good reason. 

Lookbook is different than most fashion websites in that Fashionistas can only join via invitation from other lookbook users. Members upload stylish photographs that are scored with a unique point system called “hype.” The more hype points that an ensemble receives, the more likely it will appear on the initial home page. Lookbook is currently one of the cyber world’s leading fashion sites, with over 50,000 participants. 

What is more awe inspiring about such websites are the young fashion icons that arise. Numerous celebrities have gotten their start through the Internet. Style muse Cory Kennedy was discovered in 2005 when a photographer posted a picture of her on his blog. An instant online IT girl, Kennedy was soon on the cover of Nylon magazine inspiring fashionable hipsters across the nation. Today she can be found on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and her own blog,

My personal favorite Internet muse is Parisian Louise Ebel. The art history major has been presented in European’s Envy magazine, as well as Glamour. She is often shown wearing romantic ruffled dresses, floral apparel, and dark gothic frocks. I first came across Louise on her Flickr website, and soon saw that she was on Lookbook’s home page. Her own blog,, is filled with images that make me want to pack up for France in attempts to achieve the oh-so-chic looks of French women. 


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