FASHION WEEK: Davidelfin Spring/Summer 2011

Before today, I was one of those girls who never actually attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Instead, I would stream video coverage onto my computer, or watch it on my TV, longing to one day be there in person. About a month ago, I met Kelly Cutrone in NYC's Washington Square Park, and it was there that she made my dream of attending Fashion Week come true. Alongside about 70 other fans, we shmoozed and ate pizza for over three hours, and right before we were about to leave, she surprised us all by providing us with tickets to one of the shows she was producing in NYC's Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. Stunned and excited, I opted to attend the Davidelfin show.

I'll admit that before that day in WSP, I had never heard of Davidelfin. However, I now know him as one of those designers that you're silly not knowing. The designer, who credits his entrance into the fashion industry in 1999 to his love for painting, is one unlike any other. In his spring/summer 2011 collection, Davidelfin expertly juxtaposes bright colors with crisp whites and blacks, and incorporates colored gym-class-like straps into his ensembles which create the illusion of an exquisite leather belt or suspender. Many of the pieces in this collection play with the traditional men's suit, and there are many items that suggest to this style in their collars and buttons. Also in his theme of playing with a man's tailored suit, Davidelfin experiments with varying sleeve lengths in tailored jackets and shirts, introducing a whimsical version of what could have been a nondescript men's black suit. My favorite piece of the collection is a sleeveless, black floor-length gown with a cut-out back and a silver strap around the waist which elegantly compliments the womanly figure. The female models had their hair in this slicked-back braided 'do, and the braid came up almost like an ornament on top of their heads. Davidelfin's pieces are all expertly tailored and structured yet still remain elegant and simple. His aesthetic is unlike anything I've ever seen, and his unique and stunning approach to fashion will surely gain attention this season. 

Aside from the fashions I saw walking the catwalk, however, the fashion show attendees were also well-rigged. Fashionistas and Fashionistos were everywhere, and while some chose to sport more ornate and exquisite ensembles, others chose to remain more understated and timeless. Regardless of their approach, however, I wanted to take a picture of every person I saw. From the moment I stepped beneath the white tent, I instantly felt so chic – I was at the most fashionable event in New York City alongside New York City's most fashionable people.

If I could go back to that day in Washington Square Park, I would thank Kelly Cutrone again for providing me with this incredible opportunity. I can now say that I have physically attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City's Lincoln Center, and have had an experience that I will remember forever. While my Fashion Week future will probably consist of me streaming footage onto my computer again (at least for a little while), I will always look forward to gaining the opportunity to one day step foot beneath those infamous white tents and again experience firsthand what makes me love with the fashion industry so much.

For better photos than the ones I was able to take at the Davidelfin show, please visit this website!

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