Is orange the new pink? It certainly lit up New York Fashion Week. The zesty color, seen on celebrities and on the runway, is the hue of spring 2012. Though orange is on its way to widespread popularity, wearing it can be a hit or miss. How can we stop traffic without looking like a construction zone? The key is color and how much of it you decide to use. Lighter, paler neutrals, such as white and beige, will keep an outfit from appearing overwhelming. For those who are more daring, highlighting orange with royal blue will make an outfit pop! Try to allow orange to dominate the look. For example, pair a bright orange dress with a royal blue belt. Denim shorts and an orange tank can look underdone and tacky, but this Fashionista is far from tasteless. She kept her look simple and elegant by wearing a bright orange blouse with feminine lace shorts. Her gold jewelry and brown sandals complement the sunny color, and the blue bag helps illuminate a fashion-forward style.

Name: Ashley Gambino

Major: Retailing and Consumer Sciences

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your style?

Ashley Gambino: My style is mixed. It’s funky and girly but edgier and more out there. For example, I chose this outfit today because the bright orange reminded me of the fall season, but it is not a commonly worn color. I wanted to stand out. Also, because the shirt looks stiff, I decided to wear some lace shorts. I thought the shorts would make the outfit look more feminine and delicate.

CF: What trends make you excited about fall?

AG: I love fall because I like to wear jeans, boots and scarves. The trend I am most excited about for this season is fur vests. I just bought a fur vest and can’t wait until it starts to get cooler so I can wear it!

CF: Who is your fashion icon?

AG: I idolize Monica Rose because her style is edgy, yet formal and sophisticated. She knows how to pull unique looks off and can make leopard print work with Louboutins.

How To: Knowing future fashions can help you prepare your closet for the next season, but wearing them transforms you into a trendsetter. Be bold! If you’re nervous about wearing orange, try emulating this look with lace shorts and an orange tank.

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