This Fashionista showed off her chic bohemian style with this top and shorts combination. The black and white pairing is simple and sophisticated—a quintessential summer look. The eyelet pattern in this tank top is a classic must-have for any classic summer wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from bohemian, hippie inspired looks, this Fashionista is a pro at bargain shopping that is a necessity for any college student! Read on to discover more about this Fashionista’s bohemian approach to fashion and her ultimate bargain hunting tips.

Name: Alexis Agoustari

Major: Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your fabulous outfit?

Alexis Agoustari: I get a lot of inspiration from the Free People catalog, mixed with some beachy bohemian looks.

CF: Where are the items in your outfit from?

AA: The top is from Forever 21, the shorts are from Brandy Melville and my shoes are from Marshalls, but they’re Franco Sarto.

CF: Can you elaborate on your great Marshalls finds?

AA: I love shopping at places like Marshalls, T.J.Maxx and Target for good finds. It’s really hard to find designer finds, but it’s fun.

CF: When you go to a store like that, do you have a certain tactic that you use to find the best stuff?

AA: I go with my sister and we do divide and conquer, we basically look at every single piece of clothing on every rack. We can find some really great pieces, I never have to go into the full price stores.

CF: Is there a summer trend that you’re really looking forward to wearing?

AA: Definitely the ‘70s hippie style fabrics! Summer whites, that sort of thing. I also like ripped jeans and ripped shorts.

How To: To mimic this Fashionista’s style grab a solid colored pair of shorts and a bohemian-style flowy white top (bonus points for eyelet). Don’t forget to add some comfy “kicks” like cowboy boots to complete the outfit. For the whole experience, stop by your local discount store (such as Marshalls or Nordstrom Rack) or thrift shop and go bargain hunting!

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