We all have that one person that really makes an impact on our lives. Whether it’s through life, school or style advice. We find ways to incorporate things we love about what we learn from those people into our lives but we let our own personalities shine as we embody our individual style. This Fashionista shows us that we can be inspired by the people around us to discover our inner Fashionista so we can rock any look on campus.

Name: Abby Adams

Major: Early Childhood Education

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Abby Adams: I’m wearing a headband from Rue 21. My jacket is from Forever 21 and my boots are from Macy’s.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

AA: It’s an easy and comfortable outfit. I would describe my style as punk with a little bit of preppy. My sister is actually a design major and has a punk style so I take a lot of cues from her.

CF: Who is your style inspiration?

AA: My sister. She always wears her outfits in a different yet fashion forward way. She comes up with looks that I have never considered wearing and she makes them look amazing.

CF: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

AA: I love to shop at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Urban Outfitters.

CF: What are some of your favorite trends?

AA: I love tall boots, especially the quilted boots. I also like two toned brown and black boots. I guess I just love boots!

CF: How do you incorporate your own style in what you’ve learned from your sister?

AA: I tend to lean towards preppy looks so I love bows and pastels. I really like pinks and lavenders. I add a hint of that with every outfit I wear.

How To: We’re glad she finds ways to personalize her style while incorporating advice from others! To take bits of this Fashionista’s style and put it into your own wardrobe you can get a pair of black boots, an amazing faux leather jacket and pair it with a cute shirt of your choice! You can even add an adorable bow head-wrap or just a bow like this Fashionista’s as an accessory.

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