On a monochromatic and soggy spring day, sometimes the best thing to do is get on board with the monochrome. Neutrals are your friend when the sky is gray and you can’t muster up the courage to battle it with brights. Take tips from this Fashionista and mix preppy pieces in muted tones.

Name: Abigail Schaefer

Year: Sophomore

Major: Interior Design

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about your outfit today!

Abigail Schaefer: I was sitting in on a round-table discussion today with four professional designers and I always think that impressions are important especially in the field of design. I am wearing a simple, A-line pleaded top dress with tights and booties that are good in the rain.

CF: Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

AS: I usually get fashion inspiration from Pinterest or award shows.

CF: What challenges have you found with dressing in new and unique ways in Wisconsin?

AS: Mainly the weather is the biggest challenge. I hate having to plan around rain and not being able to wear swede in the pouring rain or thinking about whether I want to walk across campus in those heels.

CF: What’s one runway trend you want in your closet this season?

AS: I really would like a black lace dress. I also have always wanted a pair of white Chuck Taylors, not that those are high-fashion runway shoes. I think that those two items really shows my range of style, though. I do not follow too much runway trends, athough this year’s color is very eye catching. I am more of a fan of the 2010 color of the year of turquoise, so we will see how much radiant orchid gets into my closet this year.

How To: Considering the weather, the classic trench coat is your best option. Not only does it clean up any look, but it is also the chicest way to escape the elements. Play with layering and let a cute skirt peek out from the bottom. Add in a cute shoe with a slight heel to dress up the look and keep your toes from getting (overly) wet. Finally, top it all off with the ultimate rainy-day accessory: a clear umbrella. The world will still be able to appreciate your look without you getting exposed to the elements!

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