Most summertime essentials usually revolve around high-waisted shorts, crop tops, sunglasses and sandals. For this Fashionista these essentials involve scarves. Yes I said scarves. I know most of us save them for the fall season but this Fashionista is a perfect example of why we should all wear scarves in the summertime. I love the mix and match look that the outfit gives. The cheetah scarf and navy romper with red embroidering combo definitely stands out in a crowd. This Fashionista’s look is very playful, refreshing and makes me want to go buy a romper. French braids are a must with this summer’s humidity as well as rompers! Rompers are comfy and very chic while French braids keep the hair away from the face. Check out more on the girl in the cheetah scarf below.

Name: Accenette Navarrete

Year:  Junior

Major: Nursing

CollegeFashionista: Who is your style icon?

 Accenette Navarrete: My three older sisters. Growing up my sisters were always giving me tips and dressing me up so without them I would feel very lost when it comes to fashion.

 CF: I love your French braid. Would you say that this is your favorite everyday summer hair-do?

 AN: Yes! I love putting my hair in a French braid because its easy for me to do and it takes less than a minute!

 CF: What trend are you looking forward to this summer?

 AN: I’m loving long skirts. I will definitely be purchasing one soon!

How To: This Fashionista’s look can be easily found. ASOS offers rompers in different colors and patterns. One of my favorite places to shop for scarves is Urban Outfitters. Their scarves are very lightweight and unique! To complete the look I feel like some cat-eye sunglasses are much needed.


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