Summertime: the season of the ever-anticipated maxi dress! This Fashionista chose one in a playful pattern and flowy fabric that was almost as long as her killer eyelashes! She chose to play it up with a cropped cardi and simple sandals. My favorite part of her ensemble was her bold, burgundy crocodile-esque purse paired with her olive shades. The choice of these not often seen statement colors was a unique move that she worked well to tie the outfit together perfectly.

Name: Alanna Gaylord

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: That’s a definite statement bag! Do you usually like to incorporate one statement piece in your outfits?

Alanna Gaylord: I think statement pieces are almost essential in any outfit because whether they’re bright and big or small and subtle, they can make certain parts of the outfit stand out that someone wouldn’t notice before.

CF: Your choice of a maxi is also bold. How do you like to wear them?

AG: When wearing a maxi, you kind of just have to go for it because they are statement pieces in themselves. I like to pair mine with a vest or cardigan to downplay them a little but if it’s a hot summer day and you’re out in the sun, let it rock! Maxis are fun to wear and so cute.

CF: In your own words, how would you describe the fabric and pattern of the dress?

AG: Whenever I look at my dress it reminds me of Vera Bradley patterns but a lot softer and pastel. It feels smooth and silky which is extra comfortable.

CF: You totally rock the breezy summer look. Do you prefer dressing for warmer months or colder months more? 

AG: I would choose cold weather over hot weather anyday because I love the comfy cozy feeling of big sweaters, leggings and boots. Also my UGGs are my best friend so that’s what I look forward to in the cold months!

How To: Maxis in bold patterns and fabrics are a statement in and of themselves. Up the “wow” factor by adding a boldly colored pair of sunglasses and an oversized statement bag. Try a sheer dress in an ikat print or a diagonally striped dress in cotton. Wear with a cross-body bag in the ever trendy coral, or if you’re feeling especially daring, opt for a neon bag. Top it off with a pair of super feminine cat-eye glasses in a bold yet subtle burgundy.

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