As we are approaching Thanksgiving break, Fashionistas at University of Michigan are holding on to their favorite fall fashions as we begin to transition into winter clothes. Personally, I’m excited about the winter season. Oversized sweaters, thick leggings and fur boots are my favorite pieces for Michigan winters. As it’s been getting colder, I’ve noticed the importance of layering. After walking to class, I always get so warm. But, I’m beginning to master layering. I usually layer long sleeves under sweaters or T-shirts under chambray shirts, so I can stay warm when I walk and cool in the classroom. This week, when I was walking to class, I spotted this Fashionista. I was caught off guard by her white coat. All of us Fashionistas know that white is out after Labor Day, but I loved the way it matched her printed jeans and accented boots.

Name: Allyson Setton

Major: English

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today and where is it from?

Allyson Setton: My combat boots are from Zadig & Voltaire, my polka-dot pants are Else (I got them from Macy’s), my shirt is Brandy Melville, my necklace is from Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg Brooklyn and my jacket is Gap.

CF: Who is your style icon?

AS: Manrepeller is my style inspiration. Her blog inspires me. I love her unique sense of style and her layering especially. If I just like the sleeves of a shirt, I can just wear a vest — and voila — only the sleeves show.

CF: What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

AS: Wear what you like and be who you are. If you’re confident with what you wear, people will compliment you. It’s not about brand names!

CF: If you could have a shopping spree at a store of your choice where would it be and why?

AS: I would have to say Topshop. They are a little pricy for my taste but I love their style and would definitely go crazy there with a gift card especially in the shoe department.

How To: A stylish winter look like this Fashionista’s is easy to put together. I suggest starting with a fur vest. Vests are versatile pieces that are great for layering in the winter. Sometimes, I even wear mine under my winter coat! Pair them with a super skinny lacquered denim and a cashmere sweater for a sophisticated look. If you want to continue this layering theme, try a solid-colored scarf or beanie to finish off your outfit.

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