This season you can see styles that are reminiscent of the 1950s. High-waisted shorts and tied button-ups pair nicely with a fun-loving attitude for a look that works perfectly for summer. I found this Fashionista rocking this pinky, pin-up girl look that matches this season’s fashion perfectly.

Name: Amanda Goldman

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Can you describe what you are wearing?

Amanda Goldman: I am wearing black distressed high-waisted shorts that have silver embellishments on them. I feel as if these give it a tough girl vibe that mixes well with the spikes on my Christian Louboutin shoes. I feel like the shirt pulls it all together with the soft lace fabric that adds a feminine touch to the outfit.

CF: What styles are you looking forward to this summer?

AG: I really like tying flannel shirts or other button-ups. It gives my style an easy, pin-up girl vibe. I’m okay with showing a little skin in a tasteful manner, and the summer is definitely the time to do it!

CF: Who in the fashion world inspires you?

AG: I view fashion as an expression of artwork. An artist paints on a canvas and creates their piece of art on the canvas. I think that my outfit would be my painting and my body is the canvas. Mary-Kate Olsen is a huge inspiration for me. To me, her work is amazing. The way she pieces outfits together is like no other. Another artist that inspires me is Alexander McQueen, he was simply incredible.

CF: Name something you never leave the house without.

AG: I always have this small Coco Chanel roll-on perfume that I got at my mom’s store. When I smell great, I feel great. It just gives me that extra confidence.

How To: This Fashionista’s outfit is a fun and simple one to accomplish. Even by going into your local thrift shop, you are bound to find button-ups that will work for this style. Can’t find one in your size? Oversized button-ups can work to your advantage. While the temperature rises, having some extra room in your shirt can add that breeze to your outfit that you’re looking for! Plus, when you tie the shirt, it shows the skin that the extra space in the shirt hides!

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